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Pennsylvanians deserve access to high quality health care. Nurse Practitioners are ready to provide it. You can help make this happen.

We are urging State Senators to support Senate Bill 25 and work to get it a floor vote in the full Senate as soon as possible.


You can help! Please reach out to your State Senator and ask them to support SB25. Click here to look up your State Senator. Use the email address or contact form on your Senator’s website.


In your note:

  1. Explain that you believe patients deserve high quality care from Nurse Practitioners.

  2. Ask them to support Senate Bill 25.

  3. Ask them to help bring SB25 to a vote as soon as possible.


To help your writing, we’ve collected a wide range of facts and figures to show how much Pennsylvania patients would benefit from Full Practice Authority. You can find them here.


If your Senator follows up with questions, please contact for guidance from our lobbying team.

PCNP will proceed with our efforts to pass Full Practice Authority statewide. With your support, we will deliver this reform for our patients!

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